Equity Capital

Whether it is a capital raise for a sports franchise, an existing owner reducing or selling his or her stake, or a new sports venture looking for growth capital, GSP Securities LLC is the right firm to assist with the placement of equity interests. We maintain a large database of potential investors. Our database is not simply a roster of America’s wealthiest individuals copied from a magazine article. It is composed of people with whom we have strong relationships and maintain a meaningful ongoing dialogue about their interest in sports. We understand their criteria before we bring them an opportunity: their desired league, geographic preference, financial wherewithal, structuring concerns and other considerations.

Our database of potential investors provides a resource which allows a best fit between seller and buyer. Therefore, confidentiality concerns are mitigated and, just as importantly, our clients’ time is spent efficiently. This minimizes distractions for our clients and forms the basis for a strong, long-term partnership which should underpin the growth in franchise and investment value.